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This is just a taste of what the Maddalena archipelago on a catamaran sailing boat can offer. What differentiates us from the other usual trips to the islands is the “menu” of choice that we offer to our guests. All this will make your excursion personalized and always different depending on the wind and your wishes


Catamaran boat  Maddalena Achipelago

Typical itinerary:
sailing from Palau at 9.30 – 10 a.M. to minor islans of the Maddalena Archipelago.

-First stop after 40 minutes at Spargi island in one of its beatiful bays (Corsara, Grana, Soraya, Connari) with tender transfer to the shore.
-then we can stop at Porto della Madonna, a enchanting crystal-water lagoon between the islands of Budelli, Santa Maria and Razzoli.
Here it will be possible to go to the shore or to stay on the boat and then have cocktail and lunch on board at 1.00 – 1.30 p.M.
-The following destination can be chosen between Santa Maria beach to swim and walk on the beach or a visit to Budelli famous protected pink shore to take photos and to meet the historical guardian of the island. All the itineraries can be modified according to the weather and sea conditions and according to a shared choice.
The skipper will suggest the different available possibilities, tailoring the tours for the client and offering historical details on the places. The skipper has a 15 years experience on sailboats, and he is a licensed sailboat, windsurfing, stand up paddle and surf instructor, licensed FISA lifeguard for further safety.

Other available itineraries (according to weather and sea conditions) include:
-Visit to Santo Stefano island and Villa Marina cove to see the Napoleonic fortress;
-Stop by the rocky spectacular islands of Corcelli, Barretini, or Barretinelli;
-Stop by the little crowded beach of Punta Sardegna at Cala di Trana;
-Stop by the rocky spectacular islands of Corcelli, Barretini, or Barretinelli;
-Stop by the Passo degli Asinelli at Razzoli;
-Stop by Cala Francese (La Maddalena island) to visit the abandoned cave from which the granite rocks used to build the basement of the Statue of Liberty in New York was extracted;
Stop by the characteristic square in Porto Raphael;

For sailing lovers there is the possibility to keep sailing among the islands, instead of stopping by the shores. Exclusively for the Sea Passion you can try windsurfing or stan up paddle from the boat with a licensed skipper instructor. Comprehensive Lunch on board: – Aperitif with local Sardinian products – Pasta alla puttanesca from the island (recipe revisited by the commander with flavours from the island) Vegan (gluten free pasta availabe on request) – Coffee, sweets and digestif – Water and sardinian white wine



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